Home and Apartment Finders Group is a brand name of Communication Dynamics Net LLC founded 2018.
Nationwide Computer Dynamics Inc. was founded in 1992 by the owners of this company. That firm’s first project was to create the first database of Shopping Centers in the State of California for a Commercial Realtor. Then went on to do database work for dozens of companies in a time when most companies only ran local databases.
Always being a Database and Software Development Firm, the backbone of the company is finding and organizing Data into and out of Databases.
The co-owner of Company is Robert Spiegel.  An accomplished eletronic engineer for over 40 years.
His son, the CEO is Roy Spiegel, an experienced Database Engineer as well as an accomplished real estate investor in the business of purchasing distressed properties and renting them. The combination of over 20 years experience and 20 years in business gives us the advantage of understanding the mindset of the landlords , renters and home investors.  Home and Apartment Group is a Subsidiary of Communication Dynamics.

Communication Dynamics Net LLC

CEO: Roy Spiegel

Address:5928 Scanlan Avenue

                      St Louis, MO, 63139